NDde and poke


Hi - and thanks for a terrific tool!
  • I wrote this in the Discussions forum as well, sorry for repeating my self but I am not sure wheter this should be under discussions or Issue Tracker.
    I have without problems managed to receive information from an existing DDE Server (FOSS ProcesScan). The server is having one item which is an IO meaning I can both read at write on it. The request function works fine, and I am able to read the value with
    clientProgram.Request("selected", 60000);
    selected is a string.
    Now I am trying to write a value in to that item using either
    clientProgram.Poke("selected", PokeMessage, 60000);
    clientProgram.BeginPoke("selected", Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(PokeMessage + "\0"), 1, OnPokeComplete, clientProgram);
    where PokeMessage is a System.String.
    But neither of them changes the value and I am receiving a long list of error messages from the exception handling, but none of it makes sense to me.
    Regarding the BeginPoke methode I have a question as well: what should the value for the format be? I haven’t been able to find that documented anywhere.
  • Thanks in advance!