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Quick question ... attempting to replicate DDE ...

Jul 1, 2008 at 4:15 AM

Thank you for sharing nDDE with the rest of the .net community.  Currently, I am working on a project in Visual Basic 2005 whereby our program receives real-time data from a third-party application.  This third party application can be currently used to send real-time data to Microsoft Excel using DDE.  In Excel, you would enter the following formula into a cell in order to receive real-time data which is "pushed" from the third-party application to Excel.  The formula is:

=WINROS|Last!'YM U8'

Every time this data is updated in the third party program, it sends this update (via this DDE link) to Excel. 

My question is this - how would I replicate this action in Visual Basic 2005 using nDDE?  I have been studying the sample VB code provided but it's not clear to me how to configure that code ... would I use an "execute" command or a "StartAdvise" command or a POKE command or ... what? I'm also not sure which part of the above formula to include within the sample VB code.  I have attempted to reconfigure that code in all the ways that I saw fit but nothing worked.

Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

- Mike