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Client Text Format Problem

Sep 7, 2009 at 10:54 AM

I'm using Ndde in a VB.NET client application.

The data received in a the client_advise doesn't contain valid data in the TEXT property.
There's just a strange box containing invalid data.

If I analyze the data Data Byte Array it has a length of 24 and contains different vaues.

I found out that part of this data contains the text as HEX numbers.  Now I would have to convert these numbers into characters and build my text string.
When parsing this array to a string a data value of 0 kills the string content.

However I think there should be a way that the data is convert to the text property automatically. Any help for this ?



Data looks like this

[13]=48  <- this is where data valid data starts, which is shown e.g. in Excel